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ArmorCorps Services

Combat Immersion Training

Provide your staff with realistic combat scenarios based on actual combat situations. These situations can be developed using our instructors’ experiences. We can replicate scenarios your warfighters experience based on advanced data gathering techniques, interviews, reviews of AARs, video and photos from previous deployments. By using the most current military equipment, vehicles, and live ammunition, we get you as close as you're going to get to actual combat. Through partnerships with the U.S. military, we are able to utilize some of the most advanced equipment and ranges in the world to completely immerse your team into combat situations.

Combat Equipment Awarness

When your staff is not able to experience combat themselves, little opportunity exists for them to experience what warfighters must endure when utilizing combat equipment and gear. From materials to technical solutions, we provide everything your group will need to conduct your Combat Equipment Awareness event.

DOD Services and Training

DOD courses are offered to qualified military units, law enforcement, and government agencies. These courses are provided by some of the most skilled combat veterans. Courses can be tailored to specific unit requirements. Call or email for full course descriptions.
Available courses include:

  • Alarm By-pass
  • Clandestine Entry
  • Close Harbor Reconnaissance
  • Close Target Reconnaissance
  • Fabrication, Concealments, and Restoration
  • Foreign and Domestic Operational Readiness Exercises (ORE)/Full Mission Profile (FMP) Support
  • Human Intelligence Operations
  • Maritime Technical Surveillance
  • Physical Surveillance/Surveillance Detection
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation
  • Situational Awareness/Tactical Decision-Making Under Stress
  • Tactical/Technical Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
  • Vehicle Acquisition and Entry

Threat Assessment and Analysis

We provide high-level analysis and assessments of your organization’s security by identifying potential threats and risks. Our team of experts use qualitative data analysis and collect valuable intelligence to assess and define vulnerabilities and threats to your organization. Primarily, our team focuses on physical security and electronic security along with policies and procedures to protect our client’s assets. We also work with key personnel within an organization to establish and define assets.
Threats and vulnerabilities vary with any organization or locale. Our risk assessment process allows us to adapt to any environment and systematically assess all aspects and risks of our client’s assets.

A detailed report to your organization will include a physical security and safety assessment, security and safety protocol assessment, and a strategic plan of action that will address each vulnerability and risk factor.

TSCM—Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
Our team will examine and analyze areas that may have been compromised by eavesdropping devices. If you or your organization has been targeted, our team can deploy high-tech equipment to detect and locate electronic or physical data collection devices used for prohibited or unlawful surveillance purposes. Our specialists can remove or destroy the devices.

Alarm Systems and Monitoring

Our team provides residential and industrial security and alarm systems. We offer 24/7/365 security monitoring to homes and businesses at highly competitive pricing. Our remote arming/disarming services also feature redundant services for additional security. We utilize three monitoring centers to give our clients the most reliable and fast response times. Your secure location can connect to the monitoring centers through GSM radio, internet, or standard telephone line. We recommend using all three for redundancy. Monitoring services can be used on existing systems or we can specifically design and install a new system.

We also offer video monitoring that can be remotely accessed through a smart phone, recording device, or email notification. Motion detectors trigger an event and the system automatically records video and sends notifications to authorized personnel. Based on the need, the alarm will simultaneously notify police or fire department, owner and authorized personnel, and send a notification via email while video recording the event.

Defense Industry Services

Business Development
Strong business development in the defense industry requires a detailed understanding of not only capabilities, but also needs. Our staff will work together with your growing company’s staff or product line to develop solutions and accurately define parameters in order to determine the customer’s needs. This allows your team to accurately judge each business case.